Afitos, Chalkidiki

How to get to Blue Bay Hotel

Private Pickup

From Thessaloniki’ s airport to Blue Bay hotel you can arrange a private pick up through Blue Bay hotel before your arrival. Private pick up will cost 100 Euros including taxes and gratuity. The driving time will be approximately 1 hour and the total distance is 72 km.

By Bus

You can reach Afitos by bus. The ticket costs ca 10 euros per person. Please be aware that these buses stop at several locations and travel may take more than one hour. Check for timetables.

By car

From Thessaloniki’s airport take the exit to the double lane motorway leading away from the airport for ca 1, 5 km where you will find traffic lights. Continue straight ahead and take the exit on your right to Nea Moudania. After 30 minutes of driving (50 km) you reach Nea Moudania where you pass the exit to Sithonia and drive straight ahead. After 5,5 km drive over the bridge of Nea Potidea and continue straight ahead. Pass through Nea Fokea and continue straight ahead. Pass the village of Afitos located to your left and continue straight ahead. On your right you will see a sign for ‘Syrtaki travel” where you will turn left. Follow the road and you will see a sign of Blue Bay hotel with a left turn. Turn left and follow the next sign to Blue Bay hotel.

Culture & Tradition


Archaeological Museum (Polygyros)
The Museum has a fascinating collection of archaeological finds from all over Halkidiki.

Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment (Nea Moudania)
The Museum is largely the result of forty years of untiring efforts by Stavros Kovrakis, a passionate collector of the treasures hidden in the seas of Greece.

Folk Museum (Afytos)
On the ground floor of the Aretra building in the central square of Athytos there is a display of folk exhibits created on the initiative of the painter Nikos Paralis.

Grove of Aristotle (Stageira)
In this open-air area dedicated to the great philosopher the visitor will see not only a statue of Aristotle but also ten instruments relating to the physical phenomena covered in his great Physics.


Tour of mountain Halkidiki

Apart from its fabulous coastline of golden beaches and little bays and coves, with crystal clear waters, Halkidiki also has a mountain hinterland, with winding roads through thick stands of oak and beach, picturesque villages with cobbled streets and wonderful hiking trails through the dense greenery of the forest.

The cave of Petralona

In Western Halkidiki, at a mere 54 km southeast of Thessaloniki is the reknown Cave of Petralona. This cave was discovered in 1959 by the inhabitants of the area at the hill Katsika (642 m), near the village Petralona and soon became famous, not only because of the size or the wealth of its stalactites, stalagmites and its very intricate corridors and halls, but mainly because of the human and other fossils, which date from the Pleistocene Age that were found here and the secrets of human life and prehistory that it veils. It has a total surface of around 2.500 acres and its corridors are almost 1.500 m long.

Folk events

Nea Fokaia
Three days of festivities at the end of June.

Nea Moudania
The sardine festival in the middle of July.

The olive festival in the last three days of July.

Agios Mamas
There is a particularly interesting merchants’ fair from 1-5 September, accompanied by all sorts of cultural events.